Star Internet Service

Star North Carolina Train

Ellerbe Telephone and Internet Company has the fastest, most reliable Internet service available for Star residents in Montgomery County, North Carolina! If you’re looking for a reliable, friendly, knowledgeable Internet provider, look no further; ETI is a great choice that’s close to home. We provide our customers with unsurpassed expertise and high quality local customer support. We offer several plan options to meet your individual needs, and with available Internet speeds up to 10MB for your business and up to 6MB for your home, you’re sure to be pleased with the quality and value we offer at Ellerbe Telephone and Internet.

Star’s largest industry after the town was first founded in 1897 was lumber. The completion of the Asheboro and Montgomery Railroad in 1895 made the town a major shipping point for lumber, turpentine, and bricks. In 1896, the Leach Family erected a large wooden hotel to accommodate the travelers and workers of the railroad, and the hotel (The Star Hotel Bed and Breakfast) still stands today. The town of Star has changed some of their historic city names but they still have one of the countries longest going parades: The Star Christmas Parade.

Ellerbe Telephone and Internet Company is constantly upgrading and improving our service.  Browse our current plans below or talk to a service representative at (910)817-4051 to find a plan that’s right for you.


3 Megs down / 1 Meg up

$33.90 – Wireless Broadband with Draft

$35.90 – Wireless Broadband without Draft

6 Megs down / 1 Meg up***

$42.90 – Wireless Broadband with Draft

$44.90 – Wireless Broadband without Draft



Wireless 3: $55.90** (3meg down/1 up)

Wireless 6: $65.90** (6meg down/1 up)

Wireless 10: $74.95** (10meg down/2 up)

*Wireless 6 & 10 where available.

**All ETCOM WIRELESS Broadband must sign a 12 month lease agreement

***6Meg Service Where available

****Wireless Broadband Connection Fee $129.95 one time fee