Welcome to Ellerbe Telephone Internet’s Frequently Asked Questions. These are some of the questions the ear most often. If you have additional questions or need additional information, please feel free to email or call our office.

What is “wireless internet service”?

Wireless internet service is exactly what it is called, “Wirelesss”. When you send or receive information (data) online, it’s transmitted digitally from your computer’s Ethernet network interface card (NIC) to the wireless transceiver connected to your computer or LAN. The signals travel through the radio to the antenna we install at your home or office. Our antenna towers, located throughout our service area, instantly and directly transmit the data to the Internet and back to your computer again.

How do I know if I’m located within your service area?

Call or email us your address and we will respond within 48 hours.

Why should I use your wireless service and not someone else’s?

Ellerbe Telephone Internet has been able to deliver reliable and competitively priced broadband access to its customers since 1995. We are a locally owned and operated telecommunications provider with the ability to service our customers with local support personnel. If a problem arises, we have the ability to remedy it in prompt manner. We have a very strong customer support system ensuring that a customer service issue is not overlooked. Our tech support personnel our highly trained to help solve your technical issues.

Can you provide wireless routers or other equipment?

Yes, we can. Our installers can install a wireless router in your home or business and secure it so only those that you want to have access to get on your internet.

I need Technical Support for my Wireless Broadband:

If you have questions or problems with Wireless Broadband service, please feel free to contact our Technical Support Helpdesk at 910-582-5411 or if calling after business hours on weekends and holidays call 910-652-4357

If I get your local phone service can I keep my existing number?

In most cases you can keep your existing phone number.

Can I keep using the same phone or phone equipment?

Yes, if you wish to do that we will install a small device called an ATA that will allow you to keep using you current phone equipment.