5 Ways that Wi-Fi Hackers steal your information

Odds are good that you have a Wi-Fi network running in your house right now. And why wouldn’t you? A Wi-Fi network makes it possible to connect computers, smartphones, tablets, video-game consoles, streaming media boxes, Internet-enabled cameras and more without running wires everywhere.

Unfortunately, a Wi-Fi network is also a convenient way for hackers, crooks and mooching neighbors to get into your digital life. I’m not going to talk about neighbors here because they’re usually just surfing or streaming movies, which is easy to stop – click here to learn more about dealing with neighbors stealing your Internet.

Hackers and crooks are a bit more of a problem. They love open Wi-Fi because it lets them attack your computers and gadgets to steal your information. Even worse, they use your Internet for illegal activities like uploading and downloading pirated movies and music, or even child pornography.

That leaves you to explain to your Internet service provider why you’re downloading illegal content. If you’re really unlucky, you might get Feds knocking at your door – or even knocking it down as in the case of a mother and daughter in Evansville who had their open network used to post threats against the Evansville Police Department.

You can see the terrifying helmet cam footage of the SWAT raid click here

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